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How to pump trans fluid into cts auto with 3.6 engine?

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I have an 04 CTS with automatic and 3.6 engine. I intend to change trans fluid and filter myself in next couple of weeks. I will drop pan; clean it; re-install it.

Then I need to pump fluid through the plug on the side of the tranny. Has anyone located an inexpensive effective pump for this? I saw something for less than $10 at Walmart and at Harbor Freight, but it seems time consuming. Anyone have any ideas how to get fluid back in fairly easily?

I know I can disconnect the tranny lines at radiator, but I really don't want to mess with them.
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I bougth a little pump that hooks up to a drill to do my rear diffs in all 4 of my vehicles. It works like a champ.
It looks like this.

Mine was like 10 bucks.
Where did you find that pimp, er, pump?

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