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how to pair phone

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Hello i have a loaner from the dealer a 2009 cts. I have tried 100 times to pair my phone everytime I say bluetooth the car says goodbye. I wonder if the dealership disables this on loaners or am I missing something
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You have to say "Hands Free" and then "Bluetooth" and then "Pair"
If it's a loaner, chances are it doesn't have the seating package option. That means no bluetooth.
it has leather seating, The system tells me bluetooth is a command but just says pardon a few times then goodbye
How long do you expect to be in this loaner that you need to pair your phone. I would hope not too long. How did you pair your own car?
I have a sts which is diffeent than all other GM I plan to be in the cts about a week, so its worth it to pair, I thought all cts had bluetooth i guess this one doesnt, it is pretty much a base model
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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