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How to do the VIN relearn for the HU in 03-06 Escalade and others - with pics

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disclaimer i do NOT condone theft and do not want this how-to to be used that way and this will NOT work with the 02 and older trucks as they have a different set up on the radio anti theft

temporary theft lock bypass to test the radio before doing below procedure
turn key to acc(not run)
when the theft lock screen appears pull the radio fuse then put it back in after 30 seconds
this will not work if you start the truck so don't think it will it won't(i have tried)

i have had multiple members of the forum contact me asking on how to reprogram the radio after replacing it

some have went to a dealer only to get told no it can't be done(i have been told this by some who have went to the dealer)even after the person has already installed the radio and tested it using the above steps

well those dealers lied as yes it can be done even if you upgrade to the stock nav unit(if you go from a cd/cass radio like i did or from a non touch screen nav to a touch screen nav is where they will try and deny this will work)

it simple you just need a tech-2
from the main screen you will see a list like this(select diagnostics)

it will then give you a list of years(select the year of your truck mine is a 03)

select the vehicle type

now you will see another list with four choice(select body)

select the product line(base escalade is k)

you will then see a list with three nameplates(this works on chevy and gmc models also just select the one for the nameplate your working with)

you will then select your hvac unit

you will see another list under body(select radio or navigation radio depending on which radio you have installed)

then select the radio your wanting to do the relearn

you will go into special functions from this list

select vin relearn(output control doesn't work well with our radios so don't mess with it)

you will then see this screen(tap the soft key below begin clearing to do the relearn)

that's it your radio will now work

if you have any questions or have trouble with any of the steps feel free to send me a pm or post and i will be glad to help out
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hope you make lots of money driving for uber
youll need it for bail and a lawyer...tampering with VIN data plate is illegal in all states

Likely no as gm changed the data bus in 03 on the radio from e&c to class-2, you could however change the bezel and under dash to the 03+ and install a double din aftermarket radio

This is only for the factory radio replacement in the 03-06 trucks

Also the vin is encoded into the modules so just swapping the vin plate on the dash and driver door will not work(provided uber checked the electrics of the truck.)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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