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1999 cadillac eldorado
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I recently purchased Xenon HID Headlights for my caddy, little did I know that I have to disable the DRL's in order for the lights to work. I looked for a fuse under the hood, there is no DRL fuse connected in the fuse box. :hmm: Is there a relay I can disconnect? Any help is appreciated

1997 Cadillac STS (BOSE w/AUX In, Massage Seats, URPAS, "Z")
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Remember these:
Passenger Warmer (red) = INCREMENT
Passenger Cooler (blue) = DECREMENT

Enter in the diagnostic mode (OFF+Passenger Warmer)
You can skip the code enumeration by pressing NO or CANCEL (or just wait until you are prompted PCM?)
Press NO until you are prompted IPC? (i.e. the very next option after PCM?)
Press NO until you are prompted IPC OVERRIDES
Press YES to enter in the IPC OVERRIDES menu
Press NO until you are prompted IPS03 (option C)
Press YES to enter into IPS03 menu
Note the value where normally your trip is displayed. Should be a value greater than 32 (if your DRL is enabled) but no larger than 255.
Press DECREMENT until the original value displayed is decremented by 32 (say if it was 229 do 229-32 = 197) If you made a mistake and decremented too much just use the INCREMENT button.
Press simultaneously front defrost and A/C buttons until the value flashes once (about 2-3 seconds).
Press CANCEL until you are out of the menus and back to the beginning of the Diagnose Mode (i.e. the bulb test).
While the bulb test is active press CANCEL to exit the diagnose mode. Alternatively just turn the key OFF and you are out.
I am not sure is legal to do so though...I like mine ON.
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