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Really cool story about how a 300 year old tree that fell in a storm was given a new life as the interior trim for the Ciel Concept.

Based on the complexity of the car's initial drawings the team realized that veneered wood was not going to be an option, so Christine Ebner, who heads up color and trim in the studio, set out to find a hardwood solution. In addition to the usual concerns about finding wood that complimented the car's design, the designers realized that they needed to mill the components from sequential planks, and that they needed 11 two-inch planks—four of which had to be glued together to create the interior's larger pieces. That's a very big, old tree and issues of sustainability were a big concern in the studio.

Christine, located what seemed like a prime candidate—a very rare, 300-year-old olive tree that had fallen in a storm in its native Naples, Italy—at Hearne Hardwoods in Oxford, PA, a wood yard outside of Philadelphia. Rick Hearne worked with Christine to find the perfect tree, and fortunately this one had already been dried in a kiln and been sequenced. Fortunately, the designers loved the Italian olive wood's rich grain and markings, and the team set to work.
Complete story with lots of photos HERE
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