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1996 Cadillac Deville 4.6L
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Back story: The other week I noticed that there was a hum coming from the front passenger tire. I jack it up, the tire has some play when I shake it from top to bottom, so I replace the wheel bearing/hub assembly. The noise goes away. woohoo.

current story: the other day I notice that there is a new noise. It is similar to the old hum/buzz except instead of being constant it happens for only a fraction of the tires rotation so it sounds like "whup whup whup". The noise is only present when I am driving straight or turning left. If I turn right (even slightly) it goes away, if I turn left it intensifies. The noise is still present if I am in neutral. Now, when I replaced the wheel bearing I chipped the brake pad on the edge taking out a section about half the size of my fingernail (I do not know if that is relevant). I torqued everything to spec, but I haven't gone back and rechecked anything. I also got new tires and brakes last month. I want to have a good game plan first since I only know enough to get in trouble :p
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