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How serious of a concern

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I understand any leak isnt a good thing. While changing the oil yesterday there was a pan directly behind the oil plug case. It had the smallest drip coming from where it seems to be the gasket seal and the pan. It seems like a clear liquid and not red. I thought it was the tranny fluid. I circled it in the pic below. It’s not even a big enough of a leak that would fall on the ground. The plastic pan that covers it has the smallest wet spot. Is this an ASAP fix or can it wait a little bit?

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I think I have a leaky front diff but haven't looked into how much of a PITA it is to pull and replace the seals.

Hmm... I could do that... lol

I probably have the specialty tools at work but my guess is if I get the diff out of my car that I would be better off taking it to someone and let them do the seal replacements.

But then again I wonder how much that sucker weighs and how much of a pain to do it laying on my back with it on jack stands. Luckily the passenger side of my car is where it seems to be leaking so hopefully that would be the easy repair. (First noticed it on the engine around the alternator when I swapped that but not loosing oil... Then noticed a bunch of it on the diff when I changed the fluid...)

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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