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How rare are Vs?

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Sometimes I think I am the only V in my area. Have not seen another one in at least a year. I'm in the Bucks County, Pa area.

Are they that rare?
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2500-3000 built per year ? Depending upon your area they can be very rare.
Sometimes I think I am the only V in my area. Have not seen another one in at least a year. I'm in the Bucks County, Pa area.

Are they that rare?
Yeah...I know what you feel like...wait...we had 12 V's show up at our last Dallas meet, so never mind bro. jk...but seriously...we had 12 V's

Even here in Dallas I NEVER see them on the road...ask on the forum for other V's in your area. Thats how all of us Dallas guys got together. I see a CTS every mile on the road...never a V though.

Take care
Anyone in Northwest Indiana...or West Lafayette reigon?
I like the tag "SkullV", I knew plenty of them while at IU, I am a Tau as it is.

Also, nice to see another redline, I ran Putnam Park today, I'll try to post some vid this next week. I was through I65/West Laff. last week on the way to run AutoBahn CC in Chicago.
Thanks man...I'm trying to get a meet together sometime soon...I'm in the Purdue Automotive Performance Association..and they always have like 350Z clubs and Integra clubs and other import clubs out at the would be nice to have more then 1 V at the shows!
They're extremely rare around where I live.. The local dealership only sold one.. ever - so far anyways.
I just brought my black one into town.. Get a few looks when people see a Caddy gruttin' down the road.
Sometimes I think I am the only V in my area. Have not seen another one in at least a year. I'm in the Bucks County, Pa area.

Are they that rare?
Actually they are sort of rare. One of the reasons we own them.
See this link: How many Vs
And if you sign up at the registry you will have some idea about how many V enthusiasts are in PA
Official CTS-V Registry
Semi rare here in LA. I see one every few days or so...have yet to see another Redline though! :thumbsup: On a side, yet related note, I took my car to the dealership down the street the other day to have some things done. Pulled into the service drive, and wasn't even greeted for starters. As soon as the guy looked in the car and said, "A Caddy with a stick...hmmff?" I was gone! I mean, I did debadge the car completely, but c'mon...the brakes alone oughtta give it away! Anyhow, I guess even to Caddy service writers, they're pretty rare!

-Erik Valdez
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Here in Houston, there are 3 V's in my office building parking lot (used to be 4 but one of the guys lease expired and he has an Elise now). Don't see to many other than that though.
I live in Bucks County, Perkasie to be exact. I work in Ivyland. I drive my V everyday and see at least 1-2 per week now that the weather is nicer. Just saw a black one and a silver one in Doylestown. Like to get together to compare notes, let me know!!

Lets see, I've seen three black V's, one silver V, and a red V. I'd say that they're pretty rare. Rarity makes cars so much better, for instance, I think I'd rather drive a $100,000 Maserati Quattroporte over a $180,000 Bentley. I see Bentleys all the time and drive them all the time, but I've seen 3 Quattros and 1 Cambiocorsas since they've been out.
Anyone in Northwest Indiana...or West Lafayette reigon?
I'm in West Central Indiana (about 30 miles west of Indy & about 8 miles from Putnam Park track)

I've only seen another V maybe 4 times in the last year around the Indy

I have been seeing more and more of them here in San Antonio. On my way home Thursday, I spotted 3 :yup: 3 on the way home in about 5 miles!

I also had a guy honk and have me roll down my window and ask me what type of caddie that I had and what was under the hood.:thumbsup:
They are rare in the Detroit area even. I see one on a regular basis, but that is about it.
I have not seen more than 10 CTS-V's since I've had mine (3/06).
If I see a V in KC, I have to flag him down. So far we have I know of 3 others in the KC area.

You Texas folks. What's going on the first or the last week of July?
I'm pondering going home to Houston and I wouldn't mind meeting up with some V owners. Dallas, Houston or austin it doesn't matter. If I stop in Dallas my wife wont fuss cause a lot of her classmates live there now.
Houston peps we got the whole week.

I'm really trying to see what I'm missing by being so far away from Home.
I may not come both weeks. (mileage and Gas is a mother)
I guess there's at least three in Bucks County, PA...
but I too haven't seen one locally for over a year. Starting to see more wannabes with V grills though. See several of those a day on my commute.

Followed an STS-V for about 15 miles the other day, but of course I wasn't driving the V that day. I do see a few of those and have even seen XLR-Vs. CTS-Vs just don't seem to be too common in these parts.

Brian R.
I see V's on a weekly basis. CTS & STS V's are very prevalent in the richer suburbs of Cleveland.

I forgot to mention the rare sighting of an XLR-V. I've maybe seen 2 or 3 of those things around here ever.
theres 2 black ones in my neighborhood alone
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