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Hi guys,

First thanks for such a great forum. It's been an invaluable resource for me so far as look for my first Cadillac. I've been a Lincoln man my whole life, but will be diving into my first Caddy this summer. I'm focusing in on one dealership caddy in rural NJ, and was curious about what you fellas think I could get for it. I've never bought from a dealer before (always private party) so I've been doing a lot of online reading, and try to avoid getting stiffed as much as possible.

Here's what I know.

2002 Cadillac DTS White Diamond/Cream
106K miles
The car has all options I believe except night vision. Rear parking assist, moonroof, stock navigation system, etc...
The exterior and interior are both in very good condition with no major scratches, or dents.
The transmission was smooth during the test drive, and the brakes seemed strong.
Mechanically everything was in working order from what I checked. Mirrors, speakers, heated seats are all checked out.
Sticker price is 10,500 (lowered from 10,800 last month).
Car's been on sale for about 2 months.

Ok now the bad. And I'm being highly critical

The car has two drivers according to carfax.
The gearshifter is a bit scratched.
Carfax shows two accidents back in 2002, and 2004 with the original driver. One front end collision, and one side impact. I have concerns over this, but I figure this is a strong negotiating point.
There is slight unevenness with the right door and the front right quarter panel. Probably from the accident.
One of the four holes in the rear parking assist is empty. I'm not sure if this will affect this system or not.
There was a almost undetectable vibration in the steering wheel while driving, but the "Check tire pressure" notification was on so it was probably due to that.
They handed out the car as a loaner to another customer last weekend, which I didn't particularly like either. It's an Audi dealership, so I figure they don't care much for the caddy.

From what I've researched these cars are retrieving less than book value. I'm thinking about making a low first offer of about 8500. Guys who own Devilles and have experience with these cars, if you were willing to purchase a DTS with this history, what do you thing is a fair first offer and maximun including full prep and 90-day warranty?


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8500 sounds like a good place to start and end. I'd probably avoid this car because of the two accidents, just because you don't really know how badly the unibody was affected. The fact that one of the rear parking assist sensors is missing makes me wonder just how well this car was cared for in it's past. If you must have it, ok, but I'd keep looking if I was you. There's better to be had for less. Good luck.


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High miles. Lots of cars out there with lower miles, no accidents.

Stay away.

If you are stubborn and don't take advice, read the fine print of the warranty. If engine overheats on you, they are going to take cheapest route out--if they do anything.

Most of those warranties say they will split cost with you. Also, they typically cover breakage. Slipping tranny, engine overheating, burning oil, smoking are not considered breakage.

Tons of seniors out there with nice luxury cars for sale. Just take your time.
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