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Ok so i know some of you do this for a living and others of you have just done it before on your own...the question is how much should this cost???

1. Getting a really slick black paint job for the bottom half of my caddy (its gonna be split black and silver so the pieces need to be removed sanded etc) i was quoted 4-5k

2. getting most of the top in black instead? 2-3k?

How many hours and at how much to install??
Front Sway bar. I was quoted 2 hours @ 89
Cold Air Intake (its a box) again 2 hours @ 89
EIbach Springs i was quoted 4 hours @ 89
b&B Dual exhaust 4-6 hours @ 89
finnaly baer big brake kit (front and back) 12-20 hours @ 89!

Ok so the total if I do no paint work is close to 2k! (Which seems kinda ridiculous to me)
Do dealers do this kinda work? Can they be trusted? I use moore cadillac in VA does anyone know anything about them?

Is anything an easy enough install that i can do it myself?
Does anyone wanna help me? I live in Va near dc and Md and i go to school in if anyone is around any of those parts and wants to help out or knows a great paint shop or something please please please drop me a line!

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Some of that stuff can be done yourself....
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