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How much oil does a 94 FWB take with filter change?

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I haven't received my car yet and I don't have an owners manual but I was wondering if anyone could tell me how many qts. of oil a 94 FWB LT1 5.7 will take with a filter change. I plan on getting the oil and filter before the car gets here and have it ready? 10W-30? Thanks.
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Go get yourself a case (6-pack) of Mobil-1 (10W-30) and anything but a FRAM filter and you'll be fine with most of that last quart left over.
If you change your own oil, fill that filter before installing to prevent dry starting. It takes a while to suck air through a dry filter.
Thanks. So it takes 5 quarts including the filter and the last quart is used to fill up the filter? Is this right? Thanks.
i,ve always used fram. never had a problem. then again, i am a novice...:rolleyes:
A long time ago, FRAM was just about the only game in town.

Their commercial "Pay me now or pay me later" was the real truth.

Then a conglomerate bought them out and the slash-and-burn bean counters went to work. (I think) had a long, informative piece on a fellow who bought just about every filter made and took them apart. He also subjected them to all sorts of tests and photographed the internal parts as well with FRAM sucking hind tit in every case.

Wix (NAPA) was at the top of the list in almost every case as were the GM and Motorcraft filters.
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