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how much is the USUAL for installing rocker panels???

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Yes my question is how much is the USUAL for rocker panel installation???

and btw i have a newly put in bullet hole by my fender just below the SEDAN DEVILLE sign on my passenger side and will the rocker panels just go over that OOORRRR?????:confused:
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You're talking about the stainless steel rocker panels that cover the lower 6 inches or so of the doors? How much to install? That's about a 3, maybe a 4 pint job.

And don't forget your helper, but remember the old adage "Never feed the help until the job is done! IE: no pints for Bo-Bo until you're finished for the day. You, on the other hand, can twist the head off your first weasel while Bo-Bo reads the directions!
yea i'm talking about the rocker panel moldings that can be found at pep boys.

but i have no idea what youre saying.

anyway i don't want to mess up and it look ridiculous.

Plus as was said i have a bullet hole from a SUSPECTED 38. but not sure, that is located where the panels would go.
Translation: you and a friend can do it - and the only cash outlay should be for a 6-pack.

As for the bullet hole in the car (God Bless America!), you're on your own - BUT the entire attaching surface of the stainless steel panels is covered with 3M adhesive, so don't be too concerned about water getting in behind it.

Attached is the result of using the above installation (friend + 6-pack) to my '97 Deville.
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