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How much is a bumper?

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I was rear-ended this weekend by an idiot without insurance and now my '06 needs a new bumper (on the plus side I can tell you that it was a pretty solid hit and the STS came out only with what looks like cosmetic damage - the idiot's front end was was a Camry:patriot:...hehehehe :nyanya: )

Anyone have any idea how much a bumper and/or this type of repair goes for? I want to be prepared when I go get estimates for the repair which I'm gonna have to pay for out of my own pocket....

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My '06 STS was rear-ended by an uninsured cell phone using idiot when it was barely a week old. Like you write, apparently only cosmetic damage to rear of my STS and complete destruction of the Celica's front end. But beware...

What you see at the back of your car is the bumper COVER. The bumper itself is a beam mounted on energy-dissipating struts that is hidden by the cover. Have those items evaluated and replaced if necessary. Also have your trunk floor checked--mine buckled slightly and had to be pulled. Check your exhaust pipes if the chrome tips were hit. My car got a cat-back replacement because the passenger-side pipe was kinked. Finally, replace your rear parking assist "buttons".
thanks for the tip....will do..........
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