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Hello folks-

When people see our enclosed rocker arm covers, we often get the question, "Won't the coils bake in there?"

We always reply, "No, our test vehicle, a 2004 Escalade, has been used as a daily commuter over the last two years, and even tows a boat in the summer - we've never had any problems with heat retention in our covers."

But, just to ease people's minds, we decided to try and kill some coils.

We used an oven to bake some coils, starting at 200 degrees Farhenheit:

The coil was baked for 30 minutes, then the temperature was raised 50 degrees:

We kept raising the temperature every 30 minutes:

We set the temp at 400 degrees, and by the time we got back from lunch, the coil had almost pegged:

Whenever the coils reached nice, round temp marks (250, 300, etc.), we'd take them out of the oven and hook them up to the Escalade.

We couldn't get a misfire or CEL, even at 350 degrees...after which point, your engine would be on fire, so you'd have bigger problems to worry about anyway :).

Any questions?
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