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how much do the sail panels cost?

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both mine are broken and no warranty, good design on them gm :bigroll:

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Re: how much do the crappy sail panels cost?

A little Gorilla Glue/JB Weld and some washers is all mine cost to permanently fix. Glue a metal washer over the end of the arm (the part that's broken where the bolt hole "was") and you're good to go.

I believe (opinion only) that those are intentionally fragile to allow airbag deployment, but they didn't count on the wind yanking them down.
Re: how much do the crappy sail panels cost?

yep.. Passenger rear was making noise while going over a bump. Hid the onstar antenna behind it, and then placed a washer over the broken part.. Now it's nice n' tight, and most of all noise free!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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