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How much could I get for it all? (N* project)

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I think its come to the point where I need to sell my Northstar stuff...sad, but I just bought a '71 K5 blazer that is going to need oodles more torque than the northstar will crank out, especially for towing, and I've decided that instead of a built S10 northstar powered street machine I'm going for the K5 with a built 383, dropped and IRS. I'm looking for an estimate on what I could get for all the following, and if anyones interested in buying all/most of it go ahead and hit me up kris (at)

- '94 Block, all 20 head bolt holes time-serted, boiled down and cleaned up
- '94 Vin 9 Heads, cams, etc (disassembled)
- Rotating assembly, crank recently micropolished, pistons/rods cleaned up
- Factory manifolds W/O2 sensors
- Plates for making headers
- Valve covers, oil pan, windage tray, some various small sensors
- 94 ECM (no chip)
- 94 Eldo digital dash, interior wiring harness
- 94 starter harness
- Various bolts, nuts, hardware
- Modified 60* S10 bellhousing
- Couple engine mount pieces

Basically all this needs is the engine harness and some bearings to be complete. I bought the motor out of a car that had been run briefly without oil and the bearings were shot, but everything else checked out just fine.

I'd hope to get what I put into it out of it, but I know that will never happen - do you think I could get $650 out of the package?
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You still got those N* engine parts? lemme know, hit me up at [email protected]
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