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How much could I get for it all? (N* project)

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I think its come to the point where I need to sell my Northstar stuff...sad, but I just bought a '71 K5 blazer that is going to need oodles more torque than the northstar will crank out, especially for towing, and I've decided that instead of a built S10 northstar powered street machine I'm going for the K5 with a built 383, dropped and IRS. I'm looking for an estimate on what I could get for all the following, and if anyones interested in buying all/most of it go ahead and hit me up kris (at)

- '94 Block, all 20 head bolt holes time-serted, boiled down and cleaned up
- '94 Vin 9 Heads, cams, etc (disassembled)
- Rotating assembly, crank recently micropolished, pistons/rods cleaned up
- Factory manifolds W/O2 sensors
- Plates for making headers
- Valve covers, oil pan, windage tray, some various small sensors
- 94 ECM (no chip)
- 94 Eldo digital dash, interior wiring harness
- 94 starter harness
- Various bolts, nuts, hardware
- Modified 60* S10 bellhousing
- Couple engine mount pieces

Basically all this needs is the engine harness and some bearings to be complete. I bought the motor out of a car that had been run briefly without oil and the bearings were shot, but everything else checked out just fine.

I'd hope to get what I put into it out of it, but I know that will never happen - do you think I could get $650 out of the package?
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650 doesn't sound unreasonable or anything but we're mostly just Caddy owners with our engines in the original vehicles so if you don't get any other responses that's why. BTW I'm pretty sure I saw a 500 swap in one of the early 70s K5s... 490ft.lbs. stock might be something to look into.
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