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Just an interesting topic, how many pairs of shoes do you currently own (including sandals)?

I have a total of 13

3 Pairs Dress Shoes
2 Pairs Running Shoes
4 Pairs Walking Shoes
4 Pairs Sandals

1992 Town Car Cartier & 2014 Accord LX MTX
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4 pairs of shoes
1 dress
1 running
1 sandals
1 do anything shoes

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I have 6. But, I only really use two. The other four pair are just shoes that I haven't yet, or just would hate, to get rid of. For every day use, I have my Aasics gel sneakers, and my Harley riding boots. They cover me for all of my activities.


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Woah, I own 14 pairs :eek: Not half as many as my wife though :yup:

3 smart pairs for work
1 really smart pair
2 pairs of brouges for the kilt
1 pair of boots for work
1 pair of normal boots
2 informal pairs
2 pairs of trainers
1 pair for mooching around in
1 pair for driving in (long journeys)

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I have 7

1 pair of dress shoes
1 pair of Nike Cortezes all white
1 pair of shoes for the gym
1 pair of casual dressy
1 pair of casual dressy but more dressy than my other pair
1 pair sandals

1976 FLEETWOOD brougham
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I have 10 pairs

2 pairs of everyday walking shoes one pair i use almost all the time and one pair i have't start using yet.
1 pair dress
2 pairs of workingshoes, one pair with protection and one pair without.
1 pair normal rubber boots
1 pair rubber boots that go up to the weighst(sp) for walking in water.
2 pairs winterboots, one pair for snowmobil driving and one pair for walking and working in the snow.
1 pair for when it is very icey it's just a old wornout daily shoe that i have modified with some rivets as studs.

'93 Cadillac 60 Special; '03 Lincoln TownCar Limited ED
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2 pair dress shoes
1 pair sneakers
3 Total..


4 pairs very high heels
3 pairs high heels
3 pairs low heels
1 pair sneakers
1 pair running shoes
6 pair flats
18 total.

1970 Eldorado.
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4 pair of dress shoes
3 pair of 'regular' shoes
2 pair of runners
2 pair of field shoes (cleats for american football)
1 pair of spikes (for sprint training)
1 pair of turf shoes (for astra turf training)
2 pair of basketball shoes
1 pair of indoor sports shoes
1 pair of rubber boots (for sailing)
2 pair of Caterpillars (to get dirty, like under the car)
2 pair of sandals

damn! 21! Never realized that...

1995 Sedan Deville Spring Edition
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Totaled it up and I'm at 19! How the He// did I end up with so many?

5 pair brown dress shoes
5 pair black dress shoes
2 pair cordovan (burgandy) dress shoes
2 pair running shoes
3 pair work shoes (beat up old things)
2 pair work boots (1 really beat up, paint splattered etc)

Now, bear in mind that I wear dress shoes to work most of the time - I work 2 jobs and seldom wear athletic shoes or work boots unless I am going to be in the field helping on a site with my full time job.

Also, I am an [very] part time organist (play in church for weddings, funerals, fill in for services when the regular guy is on vacation) so I have to have shoes suitable for playing pedals on an organ.

The work shoes are mostly older semi-casual leather shoes that have gotten to ratty to wear to my job, so I use them to slop around in doing work around the house, or on the car (gotta love that!) or outside if the conditions don't warrant boots.

The running shoes I use for just that - and that only. The boots are for dirty work or manual labor (ditch digging, landscaping, whatever)

Guess I am a bit heavy on footwear for a guy, but then I keep shoes forever, as I usually buy decent ones and get [more than] my money's worth out of them.

With Christmas coming, maybe we should have another thread for how many ties we all have? Not sure I really want to answer that question though since I bought most of mine myself <chuckle>...


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1. Military jump boots

2. Adidas skating sneakers, black.

3. Calf high black boots with laces and buckles, my dress boots.

4. Black calf high lace up boots with 4 inch platforms

5. Zoot Suit dress shoes with chrome toe and 3 in platforms.

6. Doc Martens black work boots.

7. A second pair of Adidas skate shoes which are crappy.

So, seven pairs....

'05 Expedition
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3 pairs NICE dress shoes,

2 pairs of old dress shoes that I can't bring myself to trash

1 pair of tuxedo shoes that have only been worn six times

1 pair "workout" shoes (Converse Dr. J 2000)

1 pair of "driving" moccasins (Orvis)

1 pair of old top siders for yardwork

1 pair of heavy boots (Cabelas)

1 pair of fur-lined moccasins that I live in at home. (Cabelas)

2 pairs of "soft spikes" for golf

1 pair of Mizuno ceramic spikes that they won't let me wear on a golf course anymore. The spikes can't be removed or replaced. I wear them during ice storms.

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5 pairs of sneakers (I've never worn one pair)
3 Sandals (one to shower at school, one to walk around at school, one for home)
2 Boots
3 Dress shoes (brown lace ups, black lace ups, black loafers)

So that makes 13...
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