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How many miles till the Escalade dies?

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Hey guys! I just rolled over to 160,000 miles on my 2004 Escalade. I was wondering if anyone else has high miles in their truck and if so did you encounter any problems? I haven't had a single problem and its been running strong. How many miles do these trucks go for until they burn out? Keep on riding! :)
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I have an 02 Escalade and it’s still running strong at 350,000 miles. As long as you always change oil and filters and fix things on time, it’ll never do you wrong.
350,000 miles!!! I heard that the LS engine is built to last and it seem so in your case. The main issue with the engine is just replacing leaky gaskets, however the the engine internals are usually trouble free if there is no excessive wear from running the engine in low/burnt oil conditions.

The LS engines are designed to run a long time if you keep it properly lubricated and fix leaks quickly. The same concept apply to the differentials and transfercase as well.
Yea mine has all same engine and transmission parts. The only thing that I know of that’s had to be replaced is the combo switch/turning signal. I’ve never had to fix anything on engine or transmission. And still runs great!!!
How many miles did it have when you first bought it?
I’m 17, my parents are the second owners of the car and I’m the third. They first bought it with roughly 50,000 miles on it. We’ve just gotten really lucky over the years.
Well, since you are only now 17 years old with the engine having 350k miles; the engine may have had some repair before you acquired it. You was very young when your parents bought the Escalade with only 50k miles on it so you would not really have known(or cared I believe) if your parents did replace some gaskets over the years before you took possession.

I bet that your parents did have to perform some repair on the engine in 300k miles of ownership no matter what anyone may have claimed.
2005 ESV with 207K, 2nd owner, picked it up at ~50K miles years ago. Just replaced the transmission for the 3rd time (125K and 207K). And the rear main seal for the first time. It was leaking like the Valdez. Persistent EVAP CEL issue. Otherwise, normal wear and tear. Shocks need to be replaced but I'm not sure it's worth it now.

A lesson I leard from my prior Suburban 4x4. These are heavy trucks and can be hard on brakes. If/when when you have to replace the warped front rotors, go to drilled ones. Really helps with the brake cooling and not expensive.
I bought my 2006 Escalade AWD with around 206k miles I believe and it needed a lot of work to bring it back to proper working order. Hell, I still have a couple little repairs left to make it perfect like a weeping power steering hose. Buying a used Escalade is not for the faint of heart.

Good tip with the drilled rotors. I personally went with high carbon rotors(Duralast Gold) to better dissipate the heat to prevent warping the rotors with non-fading ferro-carbon pads(Hawk LTS). Best combination to gain stronger braking performance on stock sized rotors.

The set-up has been going well for about three years now and at 228k miles(installed at around 206k miles) the pads still have plenty of meat left on them. The rotors are starting show some rust thru the black coating though.
I have 2002 Cadillac Escalade 5.3 I just hit 492k on original motor , tranny was replaced a couple years back this picture is taken 9/15/20 View attachment 592156
Your Caddy look great!!!

It seems like the LS motor is very reliable aside from gaskets and sensors. My engine runs like new even with over 200k miles. My transmission has been my only high dollar repair on the SUV. The rest of the repairs were done by myself and cost less than the one transmission repair.

However, if you have to pay someone to get a old Escalade back to new like running condition then it may be an expensive project to tackle.
I couldn’t agree more !
Going off topic; I would upgrade to some chromed tow hooks to complete your Caddy chromed accented look.
I bought my 2006 Escalade new in June 2006. Tried to talk my wife into waiting for the new body style, but just had to have this one. I've got 225k miles on it. I've replaced three water pumps. One oil pressure sending unit. The entire shock absorber system to the tune of around $1400.00 dollars, that included the pump. Dropped a valve spring on #3 cylinder around 160k miles, $1700.00. Replaced the front drive gearbox, $1200.00. Replaced the transfer case, got a used one for $1500.00. The nav unit quit working about a month ago. Looking into getting a decent aftermarket brand. Needless to say, this Escalade is the reason a new Navigator is parked beside it in my garage. I'm going to keep it till it won't run no more, but I'll not buy another GM. Some of you may have a gazillion miles on yours and put tires on it, gas in it, and changed the oil. But that's not my experience with it.
Unfortunately, your experience is what many owners of newly acquired 2002-2006 used Escalade with high mileage(over 150k) will probably have unless the Caddy was maintained well by the previous owner. Neglected items like transmission fluid, differential gear oil, and transfer-case fluid usually mean these items will probably fail after 150k miles or be on the way out when a new owner buys the Escalade.

Any car or truck will need new suspension parts after 100k miles no matter the brand. However, any car or truck with active suspension and air bags will be expensive to repair. Lexus active suspension is common failure point in its high mileage SUV as well and Lexus is the most reliable luxury brand in my opinion.

In my opinion, the Escalade is pretty reliable if properly maintained. However, GM engines does have gasket/cooler line leak issues that usually began after 150k miles regardless of high well maintained the engine was. Always prepare for a engine gasket/cooler line leak. The rest of the drive-train hold-up fairly well if the fluids are changed by every 100k miles or sooner.

The problem is that many of the used Escalades never had a drive-train fluid change in over 150k miles if ever at all; which means the components have fatal wear when a new owner gets them and usually fail soon after leaving the new owner with a large repair bill.

It is a luck of the draw when buying a used Escalade based on if the previous actually owner kept up with the maintenance or not that will determine how long the engine and drive-train will run before major work is needed.
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I bought it brand new. In June of 2006. Its had a garage kept, pampered life. Never over 4000 miles before an oil change. Regular routine maintenance, no one has ever touched it but a GM dealership or myself. It still looks great, inside and out. I get a lot of compliments on it, but I have had my share of problems with it. The money I paid for it when it was new, I would have thought I would have got a couple 100k miles on it before I had major problems. It still rides and drives great, not a spec of rust on the body anywhere. The black paint still shines like a new penny. I've thought of selling it a couple of times but decided its worth more to me than I can get out of it.
WOW. So you changed the gear oil in the front differential and the ATF in transfer-case before the failures? Usually they fail because owners never change those fluids until it is too late or if at all.

4K mile oil changes are great, so I am surprised that your valve spring broke unless your engine have the dreaded PCV valve cover issue that sucks oil out of the valve cover which allowed the valve springs to not be properly lubricated and wear out.

Please elaborate further on this PCV valve cover issue. Thanks
A picture or video is worth a thousand words. However, I never heard of the older designed PCV system causing valve springs to break aside from oil consumption.

I am just speculating that a lack of oil flow on the valve springs is the cause of that issue if the oil is being sucked out the valve cover from a faulty PCV valve; since the #3 cylinder valve springs are located near where the drain hole is in old valve cover.

I found this high mileage 2002 Escalade for sale in my area with over 426k miles on the odo. This is the most miles I have seen on our Escalades 6.0 engines that still runs. Gives me hope that my 2006 6.0 engine can go that long. However, I am not sure if this Escalade have the original motor or not. If it does; very impressive.:)
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