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How many miles till the Escalade dies?

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Hey guys! I just rolled over to 160,000 miles on my 2004 Escalade. I was wondering if anyone else has high miles in their truck and if so did you encounter any problems? I haven't had a single problem and its been running strong. How many miles do these trucks go for until they burn out? Keep on riding! :)
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I've been happy thus far with the Power Stop Z36 rotor/pad kit. Amazon had a sale which made the Z36 cheaper than the Z23 kit at the time. Also did the power stop parking brake at the same time. Had an issue with fitment of the parking brake shoes (I initially tried using the parking shoes with the stock rotors, and decided to parts cannon the whole thing with new rotors/pads), and they sent out a new set no questions asked, and provided a return label to ship the old ones back. I'll definitely use Power Stop in the future.
Keep maintaining it, and it's got a lot more miles left.
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Just after I had the 4l-slippy replaced last month, as I shut off the car in my driveway a few weeks ago, it went stone dead. No interior lights, no RAP, nothing. Put the key in the chimes. Check engine light barely illuminated. Try to start the engine; sometimes a click, sometimes not. Thought the battery died, even though it was only 2 years old. Check voltage; 12.2V. Hmmm...I'm able to start the truck normally after that. Happened again yesterday, but couldn't get it to do anything. Decide to unscrew battery cables and reinstall. Negative battery bolt was stripped. Transmission shop must have used too much torque when reinstalling the battery terminal. Replaced with a new one. Runs just like the 19 year old GM bucket of bolts that it is.

But it should last long enough for me to replace it next year.
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