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2005 CTS-V SOLD /// 2009 CTS-V own
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5200 miles.... Bought the car in January of 05


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Bought mine used in March with 5368 miles; now have 13476 mi and going strong. Have had the airbag and control arm bushing recalls done, three oil changes, used one bottle of Rejex, and earned four speeding tickets for my roomie (none for me!).

'04V, '05V, '06SRT8, '10V, '13ZL1, '12 V, '16 Z06 SC757
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2004 V - Feb. '04 - Dec. '04 = 20,000 miles (Raven Black and slow as hell. Had to trade)
2005 V - Dec. '04 - Present = 20,000 miles (Platinum. Scarey fast)

4 rear differentials
1 Inner half shaft
1 outer half shaft
New propeller shaft (yes really)
2 sets of rear bushings (to get rid of the clunk)
New Nav system
Rebuilt Trans
New clutch
New slave cylinder
New pressure plate
Activated Alarm
Adjust Brake Pedal
Suspension Bushings Inserts
Fuel Jumper recall
Suspension bolt recall
PCM reflash recall
Seatbelt recall
Airbag recall

Going in again next week to get my sun visor replaced. The vinyl is pulling away from the homelink pad.

Other than the 34 days out of service for the 23 issues above my V's have been trouble free!

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1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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