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2004 Deville
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Sorry I don't have any pictures the battery in my phone was dead. The mechanic had a quiet day in the shop so he let me use one of his lifts, but this can be done in the driveway, you just need to get the back high enough that the control arms will hang free, and you will probably need a helper.
First step, take the back wheels off, then, disconnect the tie rod, it is an 18mm nut but the shaft has an 8mm hex on it so you can hold it from turning with the nut, we used an air impact gun and they came right off although one side did require a little heat. Support the control arm with a jack and remove the lower shock bolts, then lower the jack and move it out of the way. Now get a long pry bar and put it between the control arm and the isolator pad, pry up on the pad and pivot it out of the mounting hole, the spring is now loose. The top mounting point has a locator "bubble" in the sheet metal about an 1-1/2 in diameter and an inch or so high, there was some rust on them that was cleaned up.
Transfer the isolator pads to the new springs, the springs have a definite top and bottom put the pads on the right ends. Now the tricky part. Locate the spring top over the bubble and position the bottom in front of the hole. With the pry bar slide the spring back until the isolator falls into the hole, my new springs were about an inch longer than the old ones and needed a little persuasion with a BFH. Jack the control arm back up, install the shock bolts. install the tie rod, the control arm may need to be persuaded a little with a pry bar for this. and your done, put the wheels back on and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
I hope this will help someone out in the future. I searched around for a little bit and couldn't find much info about this.
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