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Last friday I ran the V at Beaverun. Let's just say that I rode her hard and put her away wet. Last night was the first chance I had to clean the car up and bleed some blue brake fluid.

I had changed oil recently and the life monitor reported 98%.

Round trip is around 80 miles and I put in 53 miles in three heats on the track.

The oil monitor now reads 91%.

That works out to be 2200 miles of life for Mobil1.

Probably a lot less if I didn't count the 80 miles of highway driving in the 7% drop.

I'm going back in July to destroy some more oil life.


BTW - a driving instructor there who owns a GT3 just shook his head when I let him take a lap in a maggied V. He tried to nail third out of a turn that he takes down to 2nd with his GT3 - thank goodness I didn't put traction control into comp mode for him - he almost put the car sideways on the track with 2 cars a little behind us.
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