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How Far?

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How far did you all have to go to get your Escalade? How did you find it? I want to trade my 08 in for a 12+ Premium. I won't settle for anything else, but they're slim pickings in this area. There are plenty of 07-11s out there, but the 12+ Premium has been elusive. I can usually find 1 or 2 within 300 miles. Has anyone had a dealer wiling to meet half way for a test drive?
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11 miles :)

I was originally only looking at Tahoes and Yukons for about a year and drove to Oklahoma City, Indianapolis, and St. Louis for test drives. I live in Kansas City so I built in a test drive with a vacation or trip to see family. I also test drove in Kansas City obviously. But I didn't look into Escalades until a friend, who's a GM technician, mentioned to me that used Escalades weren't much more than the used Tahoes/Yukons I was looking at to buy. First search came up with the Escalade I eventually purchased...11 miles from my house. It was cheaper than all the Tahoes/Yukons.

Prices in KC are fair. You'll occasionally find a good deal like I did but for the most part they're average pricing. Texas is where you'll find the cheapest Escalades. I almost drove to Dallas but it sold.
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