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How Far?

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How far did you all have to go to get your Escalade? How did you find it? I want to trade my 08 in for a 12+ Premium. I won't settle for anything else, but they're slim pickings in this area. There are plenty of 07-11s out there, but the 12+ Premium has been elusive. I can usually find 1 or 2 within 300 miles. Has anyone had a dealer wiling to meet half way for a test drive?
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I tend to agree w/the above. Availability is really going to depend on market demand/demographic in your area. Escalade's are a dime a dozen in my area (I've started to notice a lot more later model premium and platinum models lately, not to mention the new '15 model) then again I'm located in DC metro where it is the soccer mom truck of choice. But to answer your question, I found mine randomly browsing auto trader as it was located at a GM dealership 20-25 min from my house at the time (locally within the area).
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