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How Far?

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How far did you all have to go to get your Escalade? How did you find it? I want to trade my 08 in for a 12+ Premium. I won't settle for anything else, but they're slim pickings in this area. There are plenty of 07-11s out there, but the 12+ Premium has been elusive. I can usually find 1 or 2 within 300 miles. Has anyone had a dealer wiling to meet half way for a test drive?
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We live and cottage in areas where Escalades are easy to find at any GM dealer. We bought a used black 2013 Platinum ESV for my husband which was at a GM dealer within 30km from our cottage while on vacation in Muskoka, Ontario. We loved it so much that within 45 days after buying the first one we told the same dealership that we wanted to get a short box for me.

However, red is my favourite colour and it is very rare to find a 2013 Platinum in crystal red tintcoat. I found my truck on Auto Trader in Edmonton, Alberta over 3400km away so the owner of the dealership from Ontario verified car fax and service records from home, flew to Edmonton to check out the truck and once verifying that it was a great truck, he told us it could be shipped to us by rail but would not arrive for two weeks or he could drive it back to Ontario for us. I was excited and losing sleep over the truck so we opted to have it driven back here since it was low mileage and we were not worried about the extra mileage added on by driving it back. The dealer was thrilled, he said this was the trip of a lifetime him and his son took turns driving and got it home within 3 days and charged us $1600 for the delivery.

We did have to put some trust in our dealer being that we were not able to test drive it or see it in person. Seeing that we had just bought one truck from them which had been great, we had faith in them that they would make sure this was a great truck. Anyone in southern Ontario looking to buy, go to Jim Wilson Chevrolet in Orillia if you want to be treated really well when buying a vehicle. Ask Jim or James Wilson to tell you about the Red Escalade from Alberta and you will get the whole story! They are not even a Cadillac dealer but will go to great distances to procure vehicles and make customers happy?

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