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I have a 89 eldo, with the spoke hub caps.. the front don't make any noise because the plastic colored hub cap locking nut screws to the hub nut... but the rear are so noisy and clangy... i tightened them and even changed the rear holders that they attach to, the ones that are held on by 3 lug nuts.. but they are still noisy, driving me crazy!
Any suggestions???
seems like they should have been made of some kind of plastic instead of metal!

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Inspect all fasteners on the wheel cover
to make sure all of the rivets are securely attached.
You can replace any broken or loose rivets.
Then inspect the metal flanges that hold the wheel cover
to the rim to make sure they aren't bent.
Make sure the wheel cover is firmly seated on the rim...
- resist the temptation to use a rubber mallet.
The wheel covers fit any wheel, so move them around to see if this stops the noise.

Post back what fixes it for you.
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