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How do you load picture onto Nav?

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I have read another post about how to load images onto the NAV, but I guess I am just not gettin' it. Any advice?
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I'm not sure but I think Reed know how. From what I rememebr it's tricky.
I faintly remember reading in the manual the display can accept HTML pages via the IR port on the dash - I guess you have to create an HTML page containing images, then upload that.:bonkers:
You have to burn an HTML page to DVD and put it in the map drive. It only decodes simple HTML and .jpg images , so no flash, etc. It sounds like a cool idea, but in the end is somewhat of a novelty that looses it's luster after the first time.

From the Nav manual: "With the browser function, you can display information from discs containing HTML files, 3.2 or newer, on the navigation screen. The files can be accessed and viewed, but no input will be allowed using this system."
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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