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I keep seeing people posting their status and was wondering how you are able to check it. Any information is appreciated. Thank you.

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To check orders go to Cadillac web site
Click contact us
Go to chat now
When you get a live rep in chat now tell the the year and model and give them your order number. It will take 5 min and they will tell you where your order is. You get the order number from your sales rep.

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GM-4-Life, could you check my order? I PM'd CCC early in the week and I still haven't heard back.

Your order is at 3000 status with a TPW of 2/9/15

Here is a GM Event Code Guide:

1100, Preliminary order accepted
2000, Order accepted by GM
2030, Order re-edited (if necessary)
2051, Order changed thru Web
2500, Order preferenced
3000, Order accepted by production control
3100, Order available to sequence
3300, Order scheduled for production
3400, Order broadcast
3800, Order produced
4000, Available to ship
4104, Bailment Invoice
4200, Shipped
4300, Intermediate Delivery
4B00, Bayed
5000, Delivered to the dealer
6000, Delivered to the customer
9000, Order Cancelled

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Do not feel to bad many of us wanted many many months.
I waited 8 months from order to delivery.
it is one fantastic car.

short side for me. I had to buy a Qi charger and a Qi coil for my iPhone 6 Plus. I am going to buy a second charger to leave in the car.
Apple did not put a coil in the new iPhone and
Cadillac made it the size of the iPhone 5 not the new iPhone 6 or in my case the iPhone 6 PLUS.

The forward parking camera and birds eye view camera doe snot engage under 5 MPH unless you stop, shift to reverse, then back to drive.
The guidance bars appear on the small birds eye view image and not on the larger front camera.
In reverse they are on the bigger image and not the smaller birds eye view image.

Make sure to do the On Star Welcome procedure as that till enable your phone to work as set up WiFi for you.

Thanks GM-4-Life!! I wish it were moving along more quickly but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.
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