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How do you access the front parking sensor?

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I have a B0957 code for the right front outer sensor on my 2008. I want to swap sensors to see if the code follows but there is no access. Does the bumper have to come off? And is there a resistance test for the sensors?
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The bumper has to come off. All the front sensors are interchangeable.
I got the bumper off and swapped the suspect sensor to another position. I didn't want to re-install the whole bumper until I knew that was the problem since I'd have to do it all over again with a new sensor. Best way I found was to remove the absorber from the bumper since the wiring harness for the sensors is already clipped to it, and put it back on the bumper beam. It just stays there and you can plug the sensors back into the harness and lay them out so they pretty much point forward.

RE-tested with Tech2 and the code changed to that position so the sensor is probably bad.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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