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Guys I want to make sure I dont order the wrong part
I was looking at the gmdirect pictures of my 97 deville parts breakdown
How do I know its not the 4.9 liter one?
How come it shows two recovery tanks???
Mine is black and it sits where they are showing the 4.9 litre one. But mine is kind of flat on top Plus it has that hard to remove CAP with the tangs??? kind of shaped like a squarish cake sliced into squares or like a quilted squares
Im so confused Dear guys.

My black tank has these numbers on it
"3540041 "W/ harness"
and "25632232 "
I have the repair manual for my Baby the 1991 Park avenue Ultra :crying:and they sit in the same location.

I was hoping to order this today but Im so scared of wasting money on the wrong one.

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Re: How do I know if Im ord right surgetank?

Jean, that link does not go to a page with a picture. Go to They have a phone number and very helpful people who can probably help you out right on the phone.
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