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How do I get my XM to display this info ???

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I am asking the very same thing on the prior post...I'd actually
be a little more please with my unit if I had that much info...
Someone please chime in....
Song Title, Artist Name and Channel information

Press the TUNE/SEL knob to enter the main menu.
Turn the TUNE/SEL knob until the clock icon with the "I" appears.
Press the TUNE/SEL knob. The Song Title/Artist Name will appear on the display.
You can program a soft key to display the Song/Artist using the Configure Display Function, in SETUP mode.
I think that is what you are asking for.

It is a drag on that unit.
Not sure why they make it that way.
Big thanks, Ill give it a try
When I do that, it will temporarily display the info but won't retain the screen; it times out. :( Bummer. But I did reprogram one of the soft buttons beside the radio to display with one push, so that helps a little. And, it only works with XM, not FM stations. (My hubby's F-150 cheapo radio displays everything for all stations, GRRRRRRRR.)
^Bingo. Program a soft key to the "clock/i" function (lower right in the above pic) and you can do it with one press.

-Press tune/sel knob
-turn until "SETUP" appears
-press knob
-turn until "configure display keys" is displayed
-press knob
-turn until the feature you want to REPLACE is displayed (I recommend the "ruler" (english/metric)
-press knob
-turn knob until the "clock/i" is displayed
-press knob
-press CLR to return to main screen

You now have a button you can press to get that info, but as RT pointed out it only stays briefly.
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You now have a button you can press to get that info, but as RT pointed out it only stays briefly.
Another :wtf: for Cadillac. Instead of just glancing at the screen while tooling down the interstate, take your hand off the wheel and press a button, then glance at the screen. :bigroll:
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