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how can i touch this up ?

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ok so i made a mark and now i can't get it off. i tried a bit of mineral spirits and then a magic eraser and it just stays on.
how can it come off ?
( its on the bumper)


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Try a 3M eraser wheel. It attaches to your drill. They can be purchased (about 30 bucks) at any body shop supplier and some bigger auto parts stores.
If that's paint from another source try using Gasoline.
If that's paint from another source try using Gasoline.
Can't hurt to try that either - cheaper than the eraser wheel...well maybe not anymore! :bigroll:
That almost looks like it is gouged down to the base material. If that is the case, the best you can hope for is to dab some touch up paint on it. It will never look good, but it will look better than black. If it is paint transfered on to the bumper, polishing (not rubbing) compound should do it.
thanks guys. this inst the base coat. it is actully paint for another car.
i will try gas tonight and then the 3M wheel.
thanks :)
it is my first scratch ever on the 2000 in the life of the car !
Gee, and I just :alchi: a lot and eventually the scratches get all blurry :bonkers:
I used paint scratch remover gently and get stuff like that off. Just a bit at a time, so you dont remove your paint as well.
i got it off with nail polish remover funny enough.
thanks :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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