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how can i get xm-band on my cts radio?

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hello all
i have a cts in 2006,base bose radio,no xm,no queistion is:how can i do to let me get the "xm band" on my radio before i install the xm-radio on my car.i have try to use the "tech2 tools" to option .not success.
please help! thanks!
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If the car didn't come with XM you are missing some hardware.
You can't just "turn it on".
On CTS with factory XM there is a receiver on the rear shelf under the trim panel.
Without the reciever you might as well be trying to watch cable TV on the screen.

You should be able to buy an XM Direct kit that will allow your factory radio to receive XM radio.
Start googling.
but my real meaning :I won't to "receive XM radio",I just want make my factory radio can display "XM ",just like my factory radio can display "AM-FM1-FM2-CD".
but even the dealer use the "TECH2 TOOLS" to "add DRR" on my car,the factory radio also just display "AM-FM1-FM2-CD",not "AM-FM1-FM2-CD-XM".
I wonder,maybe I should install the "XM Direct kit "on my car first,then the "TECH2 TOOLS" can let the factory radio display XM.
The XM menus won't show up unless there is something on the serial bus sending the messages that it's installed. When I installed my XM direct kit, everything worked automatically. No Tech2 required. Some head units may require the 'digital radio' option to be enabled using a Tech2, after it's installed.
If you have a bose radio, shouldnt you have the XM receiver?

When I had my radio replaced, the XM wasnt showing up after they replaced it. I had to go back to the dealer and they had to do something to make it show up.
Bose does not mean XM. It's a separate box next to the subwoofer under the package tray (panel between the rear window and the rear seat). As a matter of fact, the Bose refers to the amplifier in the trunk and has nothing to do with the head unit, other than different signals and wires to talk to the amp. If there was XM before the head unit swap, and suddenly wasn't afterwords, they simply needed to enable the 'digital radio' option with a tech2 to tell the new head unit to listen for XM serial messages. Not all cars had and XM tuner installed. It was a $300 option.
Bose does not mean XM. It's a separate box next to the subwoofer under the package tray
I know that, but on my sticker, the XM tuner is part of the Bose package. It is not a separate option.
So all they needed to do was enable the 'digital radio' option with a tech2 on the new head to make the XM work again.

I don't know when the Bose option also included XM (obviously before your car was built), but in my car (2/02 build date), it was a $300 option only available if you had the Bose or Nav system installed. It wasn't available with the Base system. I was also told by the dealer than it had to come from the factory and was not available as a dealer installed option (the wire harnessing was not installed without the tuner).

My car had Bose but no XM. I also upgraded to a Nav system. I had to install the XM direct kit, which works just like the factory one does.
XM requires a Digital Receiver that is located under the rear deck on the driver's side beside the subwoofer. It should be plug-and-play. Like someone else mentioned, the Class 2 bus is looking for the module to enable the XM functionality on the radio. If the module is missing, it will not display. Should not require a reflash for that ...
My car has the same problem but it does have XM, i called XM and thought the radio ID using the VIN and told me that it was activated for 6 months in 04. when I hit band it goes FM1, FM1, AM, CD then back to FM1, should I check the trunk to see if something is unhooked?
Where do i exactley look to see if i have a reciver in my car? pictures please...
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