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Personally? AC Delco's. Stock work very very well.
Champion? Aren't good for anything, avoid. Quality control stinks on them.
Autolight? Excellent, parallels AC Delco for performance and quality. Autolights and AC Delco's are #1 plugs in racing with turbos. They can handle a ton of abuse and pressure.

I like the theory of Bosch fine wires, but the wires don't survive that long, they tend to get burned out or broke out. Often I find the wires missing at 30K miles. The +2 is ok design, +4 shrouds the plug too much, avoid too.

All those fancy ones? Not worth an extra 10 cents a plug. Save the $ for the gas tank, the plugs won't do anything for you.

People always compare and rave about the mulitple electrodes, fine wires, etc comparing it to bad or very old std plugs. Comparing new to new, you will find that if the engine is running good and the ignition is ok, that it will make no difference. If it REALLY made a difference, GM would put them in factory. That would be a small $ to pay for GM to enhance overall fuel economy and raise the CAFE of the GM fleet. They don't because they don't deliver on the claims.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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