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How Bad Could It Be ??

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Just read this ad in the local paper:

1976 Cadillac Seville,
90,000 miles,
$1,500 obo.

Aint even worth me lookin at seein as I dont have the room.
But sure makes ya curious.
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i just witnessed a deal
1993 Eldo ETC 276,000 miles for $500
Damn, do they last along time
Just amazed at such low mileage on a 76.
Obviously hasent been going anywhere in it.
Maybe to the corner store everyday for milk ?

My 93 SLS has the same amount, and I thought 90,000 was low for mine.
And mines in great condition.
Makes me wonder now what Ill get for a trade come next fall.
Oh that's what you're on about. 90k is a bit low but it's nothing to get too excited about.
If it's a 6 digit odometer you never know how many times it went around! I've looked at some mighty rough cars that showed 5k,25k,50k. They all had to go around at least once.

6 digits including tenths, so 99,999.9
I'm starting to think people are afraid of repair costs on Caddys. I'm still not sure why they sell for so low. Their resale value is very bad. Obviously, an older model such as that is going to sell for a low price.

I do notice alot of older Caddys still kickin' on the highways though. As opposed to BMWs which I see on the side of the highway!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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