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How accurate is your Odometer?

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The state of New Hampshire appears to have more money than brains. They put in mile markers every 0.2 miles all the way from Canada to MA. That's five markers per mile.
So, to while away the time,I decided to check Caddy's odometer against the shiny new mile posts. I zeroed the trip odo passing one marker and counted out 10 miles worth of markers (50 mile post signs) At the 10.0 mile marker the trip odo read 10.1 miles, a 1% error. Not too shabby. The odometer reading is sensitive to tire diameter, and my tires are getting a little thin, I figure the 1% might just be that the tires are 1% smaller than new tires.
Then just for grins I cross checked the trip odometer agin the main odometer. As expected, the trip and the main odometer match each other exactly, over a couple of hundred mile run.
Bottom line. Odometer on this Caddy is as accurate as one could want.
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Have to wonder which distance the posts are measuring; the center of the paved surface, or the RH shoulder, or the LH shoulder?

And is the device used to mark the location of the mile posts accurate to better than + or - 1% ?

Speaks well for these pulse counting speedometers/odometers.
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