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how about a good question?

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hi all good to see you again and i think i have a better question than burning rubber[i like to burn rubbers up but not on the caddy well sometimes in the caddy but i fell off]:rolleyes: my oil change sticker says its time too change the oil:hmm: but the car says it has 42 percent oil like left i just got the car this summer as some of you know [94 etc] has 70,000 now and still way tight. knowing that oil places allways have you come in about a 1000 miles befor you have to. do i belive the oil change place or the caddys pc and help welcome as allways ty
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I'm new to this site and trust me this is another very debatable issue. If you use the search function you will find very much info on this subject, that out of the way I find the OLM to be accurate enough to follow IMO.
When I bought my 99 SLS, I had the oil changed the next day, just so I would know when it was done last. If you had it chaged since you bought the car and you know how many miles were put on since then and the sticker was changed, I would go by the sticker. I use the Mobil 1 5000 mile oil, but I plan on changing it a little over 4k. I'd rather do it sooner than later. Also, make sure that you check the oil frequently since the N* engines consume some of the oil. If you still have doubts... better off chaning it. Make sure you reset the oil life indicator when you do it though.
I'm new to this site and trust me this is another very debatable issue. If you use the search function you will find very much info on this subject, that out of the way I find the OLM to be accurate enough to follow IMO.
Yep, there's a lot on this in the archives. Basically, ignore what any oil change place gives you for mileage to come back. When the oil gets changed, reset the Oil Life Monitor. When the dash tells you to change the oil again, go back and get it changed. You will probably get around 5000 to 7500 miles on an oil change, which is perfectly normal and fine for the engine. It will save you time and money by following the OLM. Just use a good quality 10W-30 conventional oil and a good quality filter (not a Fram) and the chances of suffering an oil-related failure are very, very low.
I love oil questions. I too am new to the website and pending buying my first Cadillac, ever, a 99 STS with 96k miles. However, I literally depend on oil, synthetic to be particular, for my living; I fly helicopters offshore in the Gulf of Mexico and 99% of the helicopters in the world use synthetic fluids throughout the bird. I have also used synthetic oils in my cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, small engine equipment, whole life. I literally swear by synthetics.

IF you are using a mineral based oil go with the time/distance criteria you establish for your comfort level. I do know that Cadillac specifically labels Mobil 1 on their new 3.6L VVT engines in the CTS and STS. I saw it when I popped the hood last weekend.

I personally would never completely trust a computer to tell me when to change my oil based on the simple fact that YOU had to have reset the DIC data in the ECM since the last change. IF you did that then you are depending on mechanical/electronic time and sensor criteria for a decision in your life.

Remember that your 4.6L Northstar doesn't require an oil change every 3 months or 3,000 miles. The major oil companies do. I personally change my Amsoil every year or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. BTW Use only a premium filter.

Good Luck and I hope this helped....

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Follow the OLM. Even the hardcore 3K guys from "bobistheoilguy" are becoming believers.
EcSTSatic said:
My OLM says "check washer fluid", should I believe it?
Absolutely you should believe it! Change that washer fluid right away or you risk leaving streaks on your windshield! You should only use synthetic washer fluid because it's the best! It's only 4 times the price. I've got some I can sell you if your supplies are low... :sneaky:

In all seriousness, though, there is no doubt that synthetics offer a technically superior lubrication product. The problem is that you will most likely never reap the benefits of those properties, and are therefore dumping the extra $2-$3 per quart right into some rich oil guy's new yacht fund. Same thing by changing it every 3k miles. Save your money for your own yacht fund and use high-quality filters and high-quality conventional motor oils changed when the OLM says to change them. When was the last time you saw somebody on these forums or anywhere else complain that their motor died because of conventional motor oil? Never happened as far as I know.
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Synthetic vs. Dino Juice has also been debated to death and the truth is non VVT Northstars run better, burn less and leak less running Old fashioned (and cheap) 5W30. Save your money and save the synthetics for the aerospace industry. And use the OLM... It has been in place at GM since the late 80's and unlike some notable imports (toyota and lexus) GM engines are not know for oil and sludge problems... If the OLM was BS someone would have noticed all of the engines exploding in the last 15 or so years...
I run synthetic on everything but my STS, based on input from the board, and the fact that it burns a bit more that a quart per thousand miles. This is a feature of the car, btw, but you'll learn more about that if you search the board.

The OLM and 10-30 dino oil works great for me, and is starting to make me wonder about all the $$$ I've spent and continue to spend on synthetic on my other vehicles.

The older I get the more I believe that maybe the engineers who designed the stuff knew what they were doing more than I!


99 STS 119K
The man who know too much always advised to go by the OLM (I wish I had one in my car ) I beleive him and if I had one I'd follow his advise.
Yeah where has B-Bobyn-ski gone to anyways? is he out designing another N* or something..?

I miss seeing his knowledge on these boards.
Kev said:

Wow, thats too bad...
Kev said:
I hope that the next time GM does some down-sizing and I suspect that this will occur in the next couple of weeks. The brass who threatened his job is the first one out of the door.

GM needs to do MORE to place its technicians, engineers and designers in front of the public so that we can share a dialog... This help us better understand the product and helps them better understand our needs and help us with our problems/concerns...i.e. build better cars!

This is how you build a great company... Crap I am PO'ed right now!
mcowden said:
Absolutely you should believe it! Change that washer fluid right away or you risk leaving streaks on your windshield! :sneaky:
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