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Horrible horrible!

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So I finally tracked my car at the Santa pod raceway today.. I had high hopes as this is a sea level track. Back in Idaho running close to 6000ft with DA I ran consistent at 112-113. Well my first run I almost puked after I saw the time slip. [email protected] !!:crying: The car hasn't thrown any codes (that I know of) and I removed the maf sensor and cleaned after that run. My highest trap speed was 109 and thats about it. I want to convince myself its the DA since i hope nothing is wrong with the car. But after seeing the times online of similar performing cars running the time they should, Im a little skeptical. There were two 2000+ trans-ams on radials and modified running slower than me so that made me think too. What should I check for? Car seems to run fine other than those timeslips.
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What was your 1/8th mile speed and 60' time?

Bad air can definitely effect performance. However 5 to 10mph is a pretty steep loss.... hence your post.

Might be time for a quick dyno test if there's not a short circuit between the pedals and steering wheel
Just trying to qualify this a bit further... 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear were all run till redline, correct?

What gear were you in crossing the 1/4?
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