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Horrible horrible!

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So I finally tracked my car at the Santa pod raceway today.. I had high hopes as this is a sea level track. Back in Idaho running close to 6000ft with DA I ran consistent at 112-113. Well my first run I almost puked after I saw the time slip. [email protected] !!:crying: The car hasn't thrown any codes (that I know of) and I removed the maf sensor and cleaned after that run. My highest trap speed was 109 and thats about it. I want to convince myself its the DA since i hope nothing is wrong with the car. But after seeing the times online of similar performing cars running the time they should, Im a little skeptical. There were two 2000+ trans-ams on radials and modified running slower than me so that made me think too. What should I check for? Car seems to run fine other than those timeslips.
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May not explain all of your missing trap speed away, but you were bucking a serious headwind.

Probably just an optical illusion, but that track looks like it goes uphill.

Do you have any other examples of other cars running that day and their ET and mods?
Running the same time as a 2011 GT500 (rated 550 hp in a lighter car) is the acid test. Looks like you were carrying a passenger as well.

I wouldn't sweat it. My car can lose 3-4 mph just going from tailwind to headwind. It seems your choice of tracks and conditions are producing the low trap speeds.
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