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Just got my 69 472 running really well, after a year of fiddling and expensive upgrades (well worth it).

Picked up a friend last night. Heard an intermittent clacking sound, sounded like the fan was chafing off something. Really LOUD had people on the street staring at me like I was a real car-abuser .. NOT SO ...... :eek:

Looked into the engine with my torch, but couldn't see anything touching the fan, drove on and over a bump and it stopped ! Only to return after another bump with more of a 'huey chopper' sound (best description)

A friend told me before that my water pump belt was loose - could this be the problem. Does anyone know how to tighten/replace this?
I have noticed on WOT there is a bit of belt noise also.
Or, could something be actually inside the engine loose? timing chain or other mechanicals??

Car at the moment sounds like a WWII fighter plane that has been shot down.....

So any help received, is appreciated greatly.


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Hard to say from here what it could be. You could remove things to narrow it down. Remove the fan and or belts and start the engine. Atleast you will know what its not.
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