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Hood hinges repair / replacement on 77' Eldorado Biarritz

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My driver's side hood hinge snapped. To be more specific, the longer support brace held by two rivets. Two questions:
1. Is there a part that would be similar that could be used to repair the hinge?
2. Would you replace or refurbish both hinges? Any feedback on your experience would be great.

I did find a business that repairs hood hinges but only via the rivets not metal repair.
Thanks for your time.

BTW, how many people do you recommend to remove/replace the hood?
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I would replace both. With one broken, extra strain, in the wrong direction, would have been exerted on the other.

I've removed/replaced many a hood. Safest approach is the 3 person with lots of towels and paint protection. (I have done shade tree on smaller vehicles, solo, with sticks and poles)
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