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Homemade Oil Catch Can...

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I'm going to Home Depot tomorrow....

Pretty cool, huh?
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Functional and's not exactly asthetically pleasing to me(IMHO) but I'm shallow...
Can I ask a stupid question???? What purpose does is the oil catch can? Thanks! I want one but just not sure what it does, lol!
it basically catches the oil so it does not get sucked up into your intake or blower
I bought a smaller one off e bay.. forum member suggestion... I'll post pics when I get it. $50 bucks and its aluminum.

That husky peice will do the job.!
An Oil Catch Can is used to trap the vaporized oil that is forced out of the crankcase. On our cars, and most others, a tube is connected to the intake/intake-manifold...with us its the manifold. There is a real use for a catch can for turbo/supercharged cars because the oil vapors are usually condensed in the intercooler or turbines....not a good thing. On our cars, that oil can settle on the valves, causing unwanted buildup. Oil doesn't burn that well in engines, and can cause detonation...not a good thing.
At best, it keeps the oil out of the intake-side of the head and combustion worst it does nothing. For the few dollars needed to make a homemade one, I get to "fabricate" something....and who doesn't like to "fabricate" something once in a while?
Quick request...Anyone know the size of the tube we need to fit?
I know...I'm lazy...
3/8" I.D. fuel line would be a good choice. :cheers:
whos got a oilcatch can with their maggie and where did you put it
I just finished...its fabulous, if I can say so myself. Now I need to figure out how to get the pics up....I hope this works...

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Didn't work...but you can check the links.
Nice job, you've motivated to do that too. :2thumbs:
OK, do I "show" the picture?
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E-mail them to me and I can put them on the FAQ..

The way to "show" the pictures is to put the web address between the img tag. like so
IMG http://webaddress /IMG

You NEED to put brackets ([) around the IMG. I cant do that otherwise it woudl think there was an image...

E-mail me if you still have problems and I can explain offline.

KEEP IN MIND: that whoever is hosting your images must support this form of direct linking.

I sent the pics...I give up on the pics here...the forum hosting won't work and neither will Imageshack, the recommended hoster on the FAQ.
Oh well, sorry all.

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OK, here's the writeup...

I went to Home Depot and looked at the available air-compressor filters. There were two, the one I installed and one that was much heavier and bulkier. Next I went to the fasteners dept and found the proper screws to mount the filter to the mounting bar. The mounting bar was a piece of aluminum bar that is also sold in the fasteners dept. I tried to find the proper fittings at HD, but they were too cumbersome. I went to SandK Speed, the local speed shop, and found the proper fittings for the filter. I bought two feet of 3/8th inside-diameter fuel-line and 4 hose clamps.

I came home and teflon taped the brass fittings and installed the 90degree elbows. Next, I eyed the mounting position for the filter. I decided the passenger-side mounting of the rad-fan was as good as any, so I pulled the screw and eye-fitted the aluminum bar for a mount. I bent the bar over a table and drilled a hole. With the bar mounted, I located the filter's mounting points on the bar and drilled two smaller holes...thankfully they lined-up. I then eyed the fuel-line and cut to fit. I slipped the 4 hose clamps over the tubes and tightened them up. All done, about 40 mins total...should have been 20mins.

I went out later to get some icecream for the wife, and beat the cubes a little bit. About 15 miles later, I popped the hood to see what's what. Sure as skidmarks, about 10drops of oil in the case and the white stone filter was amber. Now I don't know how much oil has been sucked into the intake thus far, but it sure doesn't help with power production. I can't say the car felt any better, but I sure do knowing that oil-vap isn't mixing with my intake charge.

Checking out the filter, there is a spiral molding on the intake side that spins the air on the surface of the cup. The air meets on the bottom of the case and then gets forced up through the stone filter to the outlet. I blew through the filter to see if there was any resistance, there was no significant resistance to report. There is no one-way-valve on the filter, but there is an intake side and an arrow on the housing illustrates this.

I'll report my findings in a few days, hopefully I won't accumulate too much oil for the case to hold, otherwise I'll need something bigger.

Overall, it cost $25 with tax to make. I like the fact that I can see the amount of fluid in the can, and it looks "business"...not something you'd find on a showcar.

Time will tell....
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