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Holden brochures

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Last week I was on the Holden website ( Chevy in OZ )
For the hell of it I asked for some brochures. I didn't think I would get a respone. Imagine my suprise today when I got the mail. Someone took their time in Austrailia to send me the brochures I asked for. Got one for the Monaro ( our future GTO ) and one for the UTE SS ( I wish our El Camino ). I wonder how hard it would be to convert a UTE SS to left-side steering using GTO parts :sneaky:
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Be patient, I'll put money on that car coming here soon.
that would be great if it did come here. I know it owuld be a hit
I'm buy one for sure even if I gotta break my vow of not buying a new car.
it will be used shortly after :D
for sure the skinny pedal will get a work out :D
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