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It was Subaru death night....

I'm going home to VT tonight and it reminded me of the last time I went home 2 weekends ago when i killed a WRX (not an sti) and fended off two other subarus on the same night.

It all started when I was in NH at the Concord Tolls on 93 and I went into the toll and tossed in my 75cents. There was a maroon WRX with a rather large spoiler right next to me... you guys aren't probably familiar with the tolls besides toomanytoyz but after the toll, my lane disappears so you have to get over to the right after about 150 yards, very poor design.

Anyway, I sped up out of the toll fast so I could get in the right just so happened that the subaru had stepped on it at the same time as it was coming through the toll on my right. I was going to be forced into the break down lane in a couple of seconds if I didnt get over to the right. SO I STEPPED ON IT and so did the WRX. I kicked his ass with my ill torque and easily pulled in front of him. I don't think he was expecting me to go all out but he was really ticked that he lost. He was in my rearview mirror and he contemplated passing me on the left hand shoulder because he was so pissed but he thought better of it. I was laughing out loud and yellin "thats right you subaru bitch, thats right! What you got!?" My girlfriend was lookin at me like I was crazy but thats ok:p.

And in another coincidence, i ran into 2 other subarus that night who were both driving aggressively. It was really weird. I kept them both in the rear view because I had a chip on my shoulder for subarus from the first race. One of 'em I actually had about a 25 mile dual with. It was a Subie sport wagon and we were both doing 90-100 probably. I was too stubborn to let it pass me so I kept speeding up if it even thought about steppin to the HK2. lol...

It was a good time, tonights drive should be fun...I'm going up to VT for a kegger halloween bonfire party at my buddies house...should be crazy fun. Have a good weekend yall.:cowboy:
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