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****Hitch cover mod ******

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Hey Gents,
I just installed a Curt hitch and did some research on the hitch cover and realized that to get a cover it was going to be kindapricey.
So I pulled out the Dremel and went to work on the existing cover. I was happy with the results. Although If i were to do it over again i would make some minor changes.
Disclaimer, This is just to have on when you are not towing so that you do not have that huge gap. Access to the pin for the receiver is kind of limited. overall i think it will save some money and it will get rid of that eye sore that the hitch causes.
Let me know what you all think.

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Looks Good. The proper GM cover is $80 on ebay. I have the same issue with my 2012 performance. Unfortunately when I bought it used, it didn't come with the original cover that was taken off when they installed the hitch. Still Pondering! Nice Job! Todd.
Good job, I did it too. I don't see why I could not tow with it in place. I have access to the safety chain bracket and everything.
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Do you have a photo with the cutout only? I have a WeatherTech Step on the rear. Its a DD and it keeps the street parkers away from the rear bumper. I actually have 2 covers, so I am curious of the measurements for the cut.
Hey there, my cutout is about 6" wide by 4" deep. Just leave enough at the top for the tabs to still snap at the top.
I just got under and marked it with chalk and cut it out with a jigsaw. I had to drill one hole of course to get the saw started. I smoothed out the cut with a rotary file in my Dremel tool.
Depending on the brand of hitch (mine is a Curt) I would think the size may be a little different so if you just mark it out with chalk it will be correct for your hitch. It does not have to really be perfect
since you will have to lay on the ground to see most of what you cut anyway.:)
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Thanks eldoron! Will do this coming week. When I traded my 2010, I forgot I had the cover stored away. I use a Bike Hitch every now and then. So in case I screw up the first, I'll have another to get it right.... 2010 and 2013 exact same cover.
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