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Hit something in road now whining noise under car

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Ran over a rubber inner tube today which sucks it bent up the heat shield around the gas tank and drive shaft. i bent it all back out (heatshield) and its not touching the driveshaft but now i have a whining noise coming from the transmission area. the performance of the car is still all there and it shifts fine but it sounds almost like a belt squeaking but in the transmission??? got any ideas what could be happening? the tube did wrap around the drive shaft and i had to put it in reverse to get the tube off. NO visible damage

PLEASE any help or ideas would be helpful Thanks in advance
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I had an annoying noise I couldn't pinpoint for a few weeks. Had the car at a Caddy dealer yesterday for some warranty work and they guy took it for a test drive with me. Within a few seconds he said he knew exactly what/where the noise was coming from.

He took it in the shop and secured one of the heat shields where a weld had broken.
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