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High Side Service Port.

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I have a 1996 Cadillac Seville STS. I think my high side service port valve is leaking, I think it's the valve because there's residue inside the cap and the silver liquid line below it is all gummed up. There doesn't seem to be anything coming from the port where it threads onto the line. I have a tool to take out the valve, but it only works for the low side port valve. Is there a different one for the high side? I'd rather just replace the valve if I can get it out. If I need to buy a special tool; I can just buy the whole port as they are cheap, Thanks!
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These are the tools used to change the Schrader valve on r134 systems. The high and low side are different sizes so two different tools. (I don't remember if the valves themselves are different).

Ps. These are used on systems that are still pressurized. Be sure to loosen the Schrader valve before trying to use the tool.

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Use basic Schrader valve tool to loosen and ensure that the expensive valve tool can get to it. Some of expensive tools are made of softer metal and break when trying to free the Schrader valve
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That's a gm oem bell valve that is prone to leaking. You will have to replace the pipe with a new valve. Be sure to get an after market pipe so as to get one with a shrader valve for future maintenance.
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