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Got some pics and measurements after work this afternoon. Before taking the measurements, it occurred to me that both of my front fenders have been replaced, at different times, due to a couple of accidents. So I was thinking to myself, "Hmmmm, are my emblems in the 'right' locations? How do the body shops know where to put them?" Which made me realize that I have the hard copy FSM, surely there's some dimensions in there for positioning trim, right? Ummm, nope. 馃檮 The only dimensions I could find were for the CTS badge on the trunk lid, and from what I can see, my car doesn't match that. (Well, I no longer have a CTS badge, I replaced it years ago with an LS6 badge, but I marked the location with tape before removing the CTS badge so I could line the new badge up in the same spot.) I measured both fenders, and the badges are not quite in the same location vertically - they're 1/8 - 1/4" off each other.
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