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Ok. My XT6 is premium awd. The default mode when starting the car is 2wd. I’m driving on the freeway in the snow running about 55 mph on 70 speed limit. So I put the car in awd. It transfer smoothly and the engine is quiet. Snow on the road is gone. I sped up to the speed limit. II started to hear this loud high pitch that’s very irritating. It’s been there when I’m at 70 mph. But when I slow down below 70 noise is going away. Speed up to70 and there’s the sound again. I maintain the 70 and bear the sound for 15 min to see if it will go away. It didn’t. But when it’s below 70, sound is gone. Is there anyone experienced this and what is the fix on this. I have an apt with the dealer this Saturday to have it check.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts